Advertising Dropped For Official 2012 Olympic Facebook Page

Facebook have been forced to strip all advertising from the official Olympic Facebook Page that was launched today at a large press event in London, attended by representatives from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and 1993 gold medalist Boris Becker.

In the same way that the Olympic stadia themselves will be ‘clean venues’ with no adverts visible inside, all of Facebook’s Olympic pages must also follow suit, as Christian Hernandez, head of international business development at Facebook, stated:

“We [Facebook] will not be running adverts against these [Olympic] pages.”

The Olympic Games and London 2012 logos have been very heavily protected by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG). This is understandable, given that all companies which are officially allowed to use the Olympic Games logo in any way will have paid millions for the privilege.

Twitter suspended the account of a group last month after LOCOG complained that they were using a doctored version of the London 2012 logo that was being used in a way that could be confusing or misleading with regard to brand affiliation.

But Facebook aren’t the only companies to have made “non commercial” arrangements with the Olympic Games, as dedicated Olympic Twitter and Google+ pages are expected to appear soon and a Foursquare partnership launched last month.


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