New Twitter Feature Makes Browsing Celebrity Accounts Easier

Twitter will be rolling out an update over the next few weeks that will make it easier to browse celebrity accounts.

Often when you click on the profile of a particularly busy or popular user, their stream of tweets is awash with replies to other people, so you end up seeing one side of a conversation between two people, rather than just the updates from that user that you want to read.

Verified Twitter AccountsTwitter have found a cure for this ailment by way of a very simple filtering process that allows people browsing a user’s tweets to either view “All” or “No Replies”. Admittedly this new functionality will only be applied to Verified Accounts – so if you were to look at tweet streams of celebrities and brands you’d be able to filter what you see depending on when the new features are rolled out to that Verified Account.

This looks to be a shrewd move by Twitter. In the past CEO Dick Costolo said that around 40% of the service’s users don’t actually tweet – they are just there to listen. By giving these silent users the ability to more easily view the content that they want, Twitter should manage to keep their attention if they didn’t previously have the patience to wade though scores of tweets that were directed at other people.

Do you follow brands or celebrities on Twitter? If so, who? Do you think that this new feature (when fully rolled out) will improve your experience?