Chad Ochocinco Surprises Grieving Widow With Twitter Invitation To His Wedding

NFL star and Twitter celebrity Chad Ochocinco has been up to his old tricks on the micro-blogging site. And by ‘his old tricks’, I mean reaching out to complete strangers and trying to help them in some way.

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver (previously of the New England Patriots) has over 3.5 million followers, and has a history of being very good with his fans and helping where he can. For example in January this year he flew a fan out to watch one of his games after he discovered that this follower had been tweeting him for two years without received any form of response.

But this most recent story has a much sadder point of origin. Cheryl Minton from Franklin, Ohio, tweeted @Ochocinco about losing her husband of 30 years. This is what followed on Twitter:

Ochocinco invites twitter user to his wedding

So there you have it. A grieving woman reached out to a sports star with probably no expectations of even a response, let alone an all expenses covered invitation to his wedding. This is not to say by any stretch that his actions will magically cure Cheryl Minton’s grief, but it will surely have helped lift her spirits at a time when she must be feeling unimaginably low.

As I said in my January blog about Ochocinco flying Victor Gonzalez out to watch his game, it is so refreshing to see those in privileged positions using their wares to help others – even if it is a temporary or token gesture. Prior to inviting Cheryl Minton to his wedding on July 4th, Chad Ochocinco treated 200 of his Twitter followers to dinner at a New York City restaurant.

With acts of kindness such as these, it’s easy to see why he has millions of people following him.