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What To Expect From The New Twitter For iPhone Update

Users of Twitter’s iPhone app can expect a major update when the latest version is available. According to 9t05Mac, leaked release notes tell of an interactive tweet view, enhanced notifications and more.

Twitter for iPhone version 4.3 will reportedly allow users to enjoy a more interactive experience when it comes to tweet views. Content previews, videos and images within tweets that contain links to Twitter’s partner websites will be visible.

Another new feature sees users able to configure their push notifications so that they are alerted when certain people tweet. Other improvements include the ability to access someone’s profile page by tapping on their avatar, highlighted tweets about selected events, and an autocomplete function in the Connect tab.

Right now there’s no official word on when this update will hit the App Store, and there is also the possibility that things may change between now and then, so some of the features may be altered in some way or even dropped altogether.

Based on this loose information, is this the direction you’d like to see Twitter move in with its mobile platform? What improvements would you make to Twitter if you had the opportunity? Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.