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Backup Your Twitter Account For FREE With SocialSafe Twitter Trial Version

Since Twitter announced earlier this week that they will (at some point) be offering users a means to download and export their tweet history, there has been a lot of buzz around the idea of taking control of your Twitter account content. Anyone who already uses SocialSafe will be familiar with the functionality of our offline social journal. But for those of you who aren’t aware, here is what you can do with the Twitter Trial version of SocialSafe

SocialSafe allows you download and backup your Twitter data including your Tweets, Mentions, Messages, Friends and Followers. But it is so much more than just an offline archive. With each incremental backup you do (which can be automatically scheduled), you can see who has stopped following you, who is now following you, and who you’ve stopped following.

The powerful search function enables you to look back in time for that elusive tweet, reminisce over all that glorious food you told everyone about and isolate all interactions with a particular user or containing a keyword. The diary aspect almost means you can analyse your Twitter activities from any range of dates in the past, and see what happened on those days. You could just jump straight back to this day a year ago and see who you were tweeting, see who followed you, or even see what your lunch was! (Well, that last one depends on whether you tweet pictures of your meals!)

All of your content can be exported as a CSV list so you can quickly see who of your friends has the most followers, or see where you are gaining the most followers or mentions from. Everything is available in your SocialSafe journal – even when you’re offline.

So to start your offline social backup today, simply download the Twitter Trial version of SocialSafe for free and get syncing! There are other services supported by SocialSafe, so see how you get on with Twitter, and if you like the way we’ve done things, you can add more networks by simply upgrading to a different licence package.