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Want To Export And Search Your Old Tweets? Don’t Wait For Twitter To Do It For You

Anyone who is even a moderate user of Twitter will be aware that you can only look so far back in time. Twitter only gives access to the last few thousand posts made to the micro-blogging site. However, Dick Costolo – Twitter’s Chief Executive – has promised that this will change, allowing users to export all of their tweets.

In a meeting with reporters and editors at The New York Times on Monday, he said “We’re working on a tool to let users export all of their tweets… You’ll be able to download a file of them.”

This is nothing out of the ordinary, as other social media networks and services already allow users to download a file with all their data, the most notable being Facebook. However, it’s just a file. What do you do with it after you download it?

Well, we thought of that a long time ago. With SocialSafe, not only can you download your content from various social networks, but all of that data is aggregated into a searchable offline journal, so you can either browse back through your online social life, or search for a particular comment or person.

All of your different services are contained within the diary, so you can download and unify Facebook, Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ & Viadeo. You can also turn filters on an off if you only wanted to search or view certain aspects on your backed up content.

So we’re thrilled to hear that Twitter themselves are looking into creating their own export and backup solution – it’s the strongest vindication yet for the years we have spent developing SocialSafe to where it is now. Of course before Twitter starts allocating time and resources into creating their own export function, they could always just make SocialSafe available to all their users – we don’t mind! 😉

So if you want to export and search through your tweets, RTs, mentions, DMs, followers and following, why wait for Twitter to develop a system? Start your own digital journal today by downloading the free version of SocialSafe, and see what you can find in your past.

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