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So, Twitter Is Down (Again) – How To Access Your Tweets [Solution Within]

As I write this, Twitter appears to be down. This isn’t the only time in recent weeks that the micro-blogging network has had difficulties. Just over a month ago the site was down for several hours – speculation suggested that a hacking attack was responsible, not the cascading bug that the company said caused the Twitter outage.

So, this seems like an opportune time to talk about the benefits of backing up your Twitter accounts. While it was announced this week by Dick Costolo that the company is looking into making a user’s entire Twitter history available for export, there is no indication of a timeframe for when this might see the light of day. However, if you want to back up your content (once Twitter is restored), there is another way… and currently you can try it for free.

SocialSafe is a multi-network backup tool for your online social life. As well as backing up Twitter accounts, users can also import their content from Facebook (profiles and pages), LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Viadeo. In terms of Twitter, your Tweets, Mentions, Messages, Friends and Followers will be safely stored on your own PC/Mac in an offline journal.

What’s more, you can search through this data (and that of any other network you backup with SocialSafe), browse through it using the diary view, and even export any aspect of it to a CSV file. So if Twitter has one of those moments like it is at this very moment, you’ll still be able to search through your DMs to find that person’s phone number, confirm the time you said you’d meet someone, or just look back in time for nostalgia’s sake.

You can experience the full functionality of SocialSafe’s Twitter backup capabilities for free with our Twitter Trial. So if you’d like the peace of mind achieved by knowing that whatever may happen to Twitter itself, your data is still secure, then download SocialSafe now and start your offline social journal.