New ‘Save For Later’ Feature Being Tested By Facebook

For some time there has been talk of a feature on Facebook similar to RSS feeds that would allow users to collate items of interest from their news feed into a separate list for later viewing. Well, it looks like this might eventually be happening.

Facebook is testing the new ‘Save For Later‘ feature on both its mobile and desktop platforms. The new functionality will provide users with a similar experience to adding a tweet to their Favourites on Twitter. The folder of saved items will be found under the ‘Apps’ heading on Facebook’s desktop and iOS versions.

To save a story on the desktop, there will be a ‘Save’ option next to the Share, Comment and Like which as you know are already underneath a story in the news feed. For iOS users, holding you finger down on a feature will cause a pop-up saying ‘Save’ to appear.

Here’s how the new feature looks on iOS:

facebook save for later feature

When the new feature may reach a desktop or smartphone near you is unclear. Facebook said to Mashable that they “are testing the ability to save news feed stories with a small percentage of users.” As of yesterday, only a few iPhone, iPad and desktop users had ‘Save For Later’ – are you one of them?

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