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Are Women Less Concerned With Backing Up Data Than Men?

A recent survey conducted by Seagate and Harris Interactive has revealed some rather worrying statistics about our behaviour when it comes to backing up our data. 2,205 US adults were asked a series of questions, and an overwhelming majority of 90% of respondents said that their digital content is valuable to them. With that in mind, you’d think that people would take good care of that content… surely?

Despite the fact that 54% of adults personally have and/or know someone who has lost files, 19% of men and 30% of women do not have a system in place for backing up their data. The survey also showed that for 72% of people, photos and videos are the most valued digital assets. For the majority of us, our photos (and to a certain extent videos) are stored on Facebook, which as we all know means that we aren’t the ones hosting them.

But in the case of Facebook, it’s not just photos themselves that we stand to lose if anything were to happen to the social network’s servers. All of the tags, likes and comments that we and our friends attach to a photo give it context and a shared memory. It’s one thing losing a photo, but to lose those memories can be very distressing. Thankfully there is a way to back up all of your content from your online social networks.

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Just to round things off, the original article about the Seagate survey claimed that men are more likely to back up their files than women – shall we put this to the test? Please leave a comment saying what gender you are and also what your backing up habits are. Let’s see if it’s true!