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SocialSafe version 6.2.4 Now Released – Backup Twitter Favourites + More

This morning we released version 6.2.4 of SocialSafe. We understand that many of you are eagerly awaiting SocialSafe 6.3 which will include backup of Facebook Messages, but we had some performance issues to address and some bug fixes that had to take priority. But rest assured, we are working hard on the further performance enhancements required to incorporate Facebook message backup into a release as soon as we can!

So here’s what you can expect in today’s release, SocialSafe 6.2.4:

  • – Implementation of Twitter Favourites
  • – Revised Journal Backup entry UI
  • – Performance Improvements
  • – Bug Fixes & UI Enhancements

In terms of the aesthetic changes, the revised journal backup entry UI provides you with a snapshot of what you have backed up for each different service each time you sync, along with the totals for those accounts giving you a contextual reference. Here’s how it looks (the grey boxes):

Backup of Twitter Favourites is another new feature, allowing you to jump to all the tweets that you have marked as a ‘Favourite’ on Twitter itself. To see these tweets simply go to ‘Profiles’ and then from the ‘Select content to view’ drop-down menu, click on ‘Favourites’. All of the tweets you have marked as a favourite (both by you and by other users) are presented in the order that they were originally tweeted.

And finally our development team has been working on some bug fixes and performances enhancements to make the whole app run a lot more smoothly. We hope that you enjoy this latest release of SocialSafe, and continue to find our app useful. For those of you waiting for Facebook Message backup, hang in there – we’re getting closer by the day!

As ever, your opinions matter to us. If you have something to say about this, or any previous or future releases, please by all means get in contact via our user feedback forum.

Thank you for your continued support.

– the SocialSafe team.