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Safeguard And Relive Your London 2012 Memories

As the dust now begins to settle on 17 glorious days and nights of the London 2012 Olympic Games, people are begrudgingly getting on with ‘normal life’ once more. However, the memories from the last two weeks will live long in our minds.

Prior to the games, much of the talk was how this particular Olympics would be remembered as the ‘social games’, with the likes of Facebook and Twitter playing a big part in our digestion and enjoyment of all the highs and lows. This all came to pass, with members of the public becoming increasingly engaged with the social media accounts of the athletes and teams, and there was a real sense of being part of the games.

I’ve seen many of my Facebook friends posting about the games, and often these updates would lead to strings of comments and lots of Likes from everyone else enjoying the moment. We don’t want to forget any of these in a hurry, so it’s important that we find a way to safeguard all of these digital memories.

With SocialSafe you can back up your social media accounts, allowing you to feel secure in the knowledge that if anything ever happened to the actual sites you use, you’d still have all of your memories safely stored on your own machine. What is more, SocialSafe presents all of your content in a beautifully crafted digital journal, so you can relive those incredible moments in chronological order, or just search for all the times you mentioned Jessica Ennis (which for me, was an awful lot)!

Just to finish off – and apologies to everyone who isn’t British – here’s a video featuring some of the Team GB athletes singing Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen… Hopefully this should bring a smile to your face on a day when many are feeling particularly deflated!