Facebook Rolling Out “Expecting A Baby” Option To Life Events

Facebook has added a new option to the ‘Life Events’ that you can post on your Timeline. The new feature being rolled out at the moment will be found in the ‘Family & Relationships’ category of Life Events, and is called “Expecting a Baby“.

If you are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your child, you can fill in the details on your Timeline and let all your friends know at once without having to keep repeating yourself. And because Life Event updates are highlighted by Facebook, the news will reach many more of your friends than a simple status update.

So, if you know the sex and the due date, you can fill those in, and if your partner is on Facebook you can list them as the second parent. Of course there is the option to add a photo, so you can expect to see plenty of ultrasound images there. But this is where is gets a bit funny…

As with other Life Events, you are given the option to add the ‘Location’ and ‘Story’. How many people will actually fill out these sections, and in what level of detail remains to be seen. I’m not sure who would really want to list the location as ‘the stationary cupboard’ and “too much eggnog at the work Christmas party, one thing led to another…” as the story.

Hopefully people won’t be too graphic with these Life Events – imagine 15 years from now being that child who reads the intimate details of how they were conceived on Facebook. But, as appears to be the trend these days, we’re logging more and more of our activities on social networks, just make sure you’ve got a way of saving your online memories.