Granular Privacy Control For Facebook Profile Photos

A greater level of privacy control has been granted to Facebook users when it comes to Profile Pictures. Previously, it was only possible to make blanket changes to the privacy settings for the entire Profile Photos album, just as with any other individual album that was uploaded to your Profile (with the exception of Mobile Uploads).

Now, users can change the visibility of individual photos within the album, something that Facebook says “gives people more granular control”. It’s very simple to make changes, just view any of your Profile Photos and there will be a drop down menu with different privacy options available. Here it is in the wild:

Facebook Photo Privacy

So if there are certain pictures that you don’t want to be visible in that album, but don’t want to block off the rest of the perfectly harmless images, you can cherry-pick the ones that might be best viewed only by a select audience. However, it’s worth pointing out the fact that your current Profile Picture and Cover Photo will still be public, so best not to have anything too raucous there if you have a job interview lined up. But you don’t need me to tell you that…!

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