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David Cameron Users Twitter To Annouce Details Of Cabinet Reshuffle

Social media is very much at the forefront of communication methods these days. Sports persons, musicians, titans of industry, politicians and just about anyone of note that you can think of holds some sort of account and presence on one of the many social platforms available, from which they communicate to the masses.

However today saw a first for UK politics when Prime Minister David Cameron announced his first cabinet reshuffle via micro-blogging service Twitter. Normally you’d expect cabinet reshuffles to be revealed by more conventional methods such as statements released to the media or an actual announcement in the House of Commons, but today is the first time a Prime Minister has used Twitter to confirm the appointments.

But news of some ministers who would be leaving their positions broke much earlier, when Baroness Warsi used her official @ToryChairman account to tweet at 2am this morning that she would no longer be holding her previous position of Tory Party Chairman:

Over the course of the day a series of tweets from @Number10gov announced the specifics of each of the new cabinet appointments one by one, with every tweet containing the hashtag #reshuffle:

Social media is becoming more and more of an influence in the world of politics. The respective teams for Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been bolstering and engaging with their audiences on the likes of Twitter and Facebook to ensure that every possible demographic of voters is reached before the race for The White House concludes this November.