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Twitter Rolls Out Self-Service Features For Advertisers

Twitter has given more control to brands when it comes to managing advertising on the site, and will also move the company’s monetising strategy further forward. Responding to requests from companies, Twitter has launched two new self-service features this week.

What these features do, is allow companies of all sizes to manage their own campaigns without needing to actually involve Twitter, which also helps the micro-blogging site stay streamlined. A post on Twitter’s blog explained the new features:

“In March, we announced our self-service advertising solution, giving small businesses an easy way to use Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets. Since then, many of our early advertisers are finding success and driving results with Twitter advertising. Today, we’re releasing two new enhancements that our advertisers frequently request: follower growth reporting and manual Promoted Tweet selection.”

Of course, anyone familiar with SocialSafe will know that monitoring your growth on Twitter is already easily achieved by exporting your backup data into Excel or something similar (with SocialSafe this also works for individuals, not just brands or companies). But if you’re spending money on promoting tweets, it’s good to be able to compare your organic growth with paid growth.

So we come to promoted tweets. Previously the Twitter advertising team would have to work directly with a company to choose and set a promoted tweet, but now companies have the freedom to do this all themselves. Giving companies the freedom to do things at their own pace and choose exactly what they want to promote might just entice more advertisers to dip their toes into the pool of Twitter’s promoted tweets.