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Tips On Using SocialSafe – How To See Who Has De-friended You

We hope you’ve all managed to update to SocialSafe v6.3 and that you are now downloading your Facebook Messages to your own machine. We thought we’d just take a moment to write about a few of the interesting things that you can do with your social network content once you’ve backed it up into your SocialSafe journal.

A few people on our Facebook page weren’t aware that you can use SocialSafe to see who has de-friended you on Facebook, stopped following you on Twitter, disconnected with you on LinkedIn and so on. So here’s how you check on that…

When you first backup your Facebook account with SocialSafe, your friends are downloaded to your own PC/Mac within the journal, so the next time you back up your account, any changes will be recorded. If you are no longer connected with someone, they will be moved to the ‘Old Friends’ section of your journal.

Every time you run a backup, you will also be able to see a summary of what new content has been backed up, and this will include Lost Friends. You can also view individual back ups to see who exactly de-friended you and when. The same principle applies to Twitter followers, Google+ connections, LinkedIn contacts etc.

We must stress that we never actually see any of the data that you back up. The app itself (installed and residing on your own PC/Mac) downloads the data from Facebook and compares it to previous back ups.

If you don’t already use SocialSafe but would like to try it out, visit our website to find out more and to download the app.