Anonymous Threaten To Take Down Facebook On November 5th (Again)

This may sound familiar to a lot of you, but hacking collective Anonymous have said that it plans to take down Facebook on November 5th. Last year it said the same thing, but seemingly nothing happened. However the motivation for the intended attack is slightly different this time around.

Gaming company Zynga has laid off 5 percent of its workforce after its CEO acknowledged that the company had not met its own goals for growth. The move to axe staff in an effort to increase profits did not sit well with Anonymous, which has now threatened to take down both Zynga and Facebook on the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ failed plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament – traditionally known as Bonfire Night.

So should you be worried? Well as I said, Anonymous threatened to take down Facebook last year, and yet the social network still stands, larger than ever. However, this situation is slightly different due to the Zynga issue. Anonymous has also promised to leak confidential Zynga documents and games stolen from the company. Certain excerpts are had already been made available before being removed from the hosting site for “copyright infringement”.

Will Anonymous actually take down Facebook? Who knows. But it never hurts to take precautions. If you are worried that Anonymous will take down Facebook, visit our website to find out how you can back up your Facebook Account with SocialSafe. All of your photos, wall posts, updates and Facebook Messages and more are saved on your own machine, so if the originals are deleted from Facebook, at least you won’t lose your digital memories.