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SocialSafe v6.4 Now Released – Changes To Licence Structure, Photo View UI

SocialSafe v6.4 has just been released, featuring some important changes to the way our licencing structure works, as well as some general improvements to the app.

The previous versions – Standard, Pro & Enterprise – have been replaced with 4, 10 & 20 account versions of SocialSafe, giving you greater flexibility over how many networks and accounts you’d like to back up. Existing users will be automatically upgraded to these new versions free of charge. We have also made it so that the full SocialSafe functionality is available across all licences.

Previously, only Enterprise users were able to sync a Facebook Page to their SocialSafe journal. However, this is a feature that we think everyone should be able to enjoy, so the with the new licence structure all paid users are now able to add, sync, view search & export Facebook Pages as well as social networks.

Existing Enterprise users will be upgraded to the 20 account version of SocialSafe. While the number of accounts an Enterprise user can back up has not changed, there are no longer any limitations on the combinations of accounts backed up. Previously Enterprise users could backup up to 10 Facebook Pages, and a total of 10 personal profiles from other networks. But with the new licence structure all users can back up any combination of profiles and pages within their allowance of 4, 10 or 20 accounts.

The other significant change to be found in SocialSafe v6.4 is the update to the Photo View UI. We realise that photos mean a lot to people, so we’ve made improvements in this area and made it even easier to get to them quickly – just click on the new Photo icon on the spine of your SocialSafe journal.

As ever, we appreciated your input and it does affect which direction we take the product in as we continue development. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment on this blog, post on our Facebook Page or contact us through the SocialSafe website.