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Don’t Want To Wait For Twitter? Download Your Tweets For Free Now With SocialSafe

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has once again promised users that they will be able to download a full archive of all their tweets from the micro-blogging site. The idea has been on the table for some time now, but people were starting to question when, if at all, this functionality would be available.

So when will this happen? Costolo says before the end of the year, which at the time of writing, is 33 days from now. To be fair he did issue the caveat of “given engineers’ capacity”, which is being interpreted by many as “there’s no way in hell we’re getting this finished before the end of 2012”. Maybe he’s banking on the Mayans being right after all, and the end of world will save his blushes… Possibly not.

However, there is another way to export your tweets (and a whole lot more) to create your own personal archive. SocialSafe has quietly been doing this for over 18 months, and offers a much more comprehensive Twitter account backup service than simply archiving tweets.

download twitter archive

Users of SocialSafe can privately and securely back up Twitter followers, users they are following, tweets, mentions, DMs, favourites and profile information to their own computer. What is more, all of this content is presented in a beautiful journal that can be searched, browsed and exported. The diary aspect allows you to jump back in time to specific dates and view your tweets in a way that you simply cannot do on Twitter.

All of your content is stored safely offline on your own PC or Mac, meaning that whatever happens to your actual Twitter account, you’ll still have a copy of all your interactions and people to look back through. To find out more and to start backing up your tweets and other content, visit the SocialSafe website and download the fully functional free trial – start looking after your yesterdays today!


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