Backupify Drops LinkedIn Support – How To Continue Backing Up Your Data

Many users of the cloud-based backup service Backupify are today waking up to the news that they will no long be able to back up their LinkedIn accounts as of January 8th 2013. As well as dropping LinkedIn backup support, Backupify is also the stopping its users from backing up their Zoho Docs content.

In a blog post on the matter, Backupify explained that its revenue stream comes almost exclusively from enterprise customers utilising the SaaS backup provided for a fee. There is also the matter of LinkedIn API restrictions. A lot of what people want to be able to back up – your connections’ contact information for example – cannot (legally) be obtained by services such as Backupify or indeed SocialSafe.

But as they say, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. At SocialSafe we believe it’s best to take whatever you can right now, than to wait for any possible changes to the LinkedIn API to allow for more at a later date, and possibly risk losing your data in the meantime.

SocialSafe users can achieve peace of mind knowing that we’ll continue to give them the opportunity to extract whatever content they can from LinkedIn, no matter how minimal the API makes it. We’ll also keep an eye on the API for any changes that increase the content that you can download, and work our hardest and fastest to make sure that SocialSafe gives you the opportunity to take control of your data.

It’s also worth pointing out that any copies of your content stored online are just at risk as the original data on the social networks themselves. To truly back something up, it needs to be kept completely separate from the original. In terms of digital content, this would mean having a backup of your content stored offline on your own PC/Mac or external drive – not just elsewhere in the cloud.

So if you’ve been left in the lurch by Backupify’s decision to stop supporting LinkedIn, you can download all available LinkedIn content you your own PC/Mac using SocialSafe. Not only is the content safely out of the cloud, it is also presented in a beautiful journal that can be browsed and searched, meaning that whatever happens in the cloud, you can still find what you need.


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