New ‘Bang With Friends’ App Matches Up Facebook Friends For Sexual Encounters

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to use Facebook’s open graph to discreetly match-make people for casual sex. Frankly, I’m shocked it has taken this long.

The premise of Bang With Friends is beautifully simple – you sign into the app via Facebook, and depending on your sexual orientation, you will be shown your Facebook friends that match whichever way you lean. You then make a fairly binary decision – would you or wouldn’t you?

By clicking on ‘Down To Bang‘ underneath a friend’s picture, the app makes a private note that you’re interested in sexual relations with them, although there is no notification sent to your friend… Well, not unless they happen to use the app and click ‘Down To Bang’ beneath your picture, at which point both you and your mutual admirer receive an email saying that you’d both like to get it on. From that point, Bang With Friends leaves the two of you to it, and whatever happens between friends stays between friends.

So from the sound of it, the whole process is pretty foolproof. You can say you’re ‘Down To Bang’ as many of your friends as you like, without the fear of being embarrassingly rejected, and the only way someone will find out you want to bang them is if they want to bang you too – everyone’s a winner!

Of course there could be the awkward situation whereby you discover that you and your friend’s wife want to bump uglies, in which case you’re both as guilty as each other! It’s not my place to pass moral judgement, I’m just surprised that it’s taken this long for someone to come up with an app of this ilk.