Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His Gift – Your Private Information

You’ve got to watch this video before reading the blog:


Febelfin – the Belgian Financial Sector Federation – has produced a very clever video that highlights just how much information a complete stranger can learn about us by simply using the internet. Like the viral Facebook app ‘Take This Lollipop‘, the idea is to educate viewers about the dangers of sharing too much information, but this particular short focusses more on financial data:

Sharing has almost become second nature these days. Whether it’s posting a picture of your dinner to Instagram, tweeting your opinion about a sports result, or just making an observation about the weather, rarely a day goes by without us sharing something with our friends.

We all love to share what we do with our friends, and often that does include the details of luxury purchases. However, before you post this sort of information online, just think about who might be able to gain access to it and how it could be used in an unlawful way. If certain information reaches a wider audience than we had anticipated, there could be some serious problems on the horizon.