Missed The Boat For Downloading LinkedIn Content From Backupify? Don’t Panic…

It’s now been two months since Backupify announced that it would no longer be supporting backup of LinkedIn content (as well as Zoho Docs). January 8th was the last day that users were able to back up any new content from either service, but yesterday was the final chance for anyone to download this data to their own machines.

We’d just like to take this opportunity to remind Backupify users that if they missed yesterday’s deadline, then there is no need to panic about LinkedIn data. As we mentioned when Backupify first announced their intention to cease supporting LinkedIn, SocialSafe is able to back up your connections, profile, education, updates and more.

So if you’ve been left high and dry this week and have not downloaded your LinkedIn content from Backupify, you can still take control of your data with SocialSafe. The 60 day free trial for PC/Mac available for download at the top of this page will allow you to experience the full functionality of SocialSafe, meaning that you can safely extract your LinkedIn content for viewing, browsing, searching and exporting.

Backupify also listed us as on their recommended alternative LinkedIn backup services when they first made their announcement last December, so if you were previously using Backupify to back up LinkedIn contacts, you should have no concerns about using SocialSafe in the future.