As Twitter Turns 7 Years Old, How Do You Look Back On Your History?

Today is Twitter’s 7th birthday, an anniversary that has prompted many users, bloggers and publications to look back and post about some of the most memorable and famous 140-character updates from the last seven years. Twitter itself has put together a neat video summarising its journey thus far, including events such as the Arab Spring revolution and the London 2012 Olympic games, as well as some of the most retweeted updates.

We thought this was as good an opportunity as any to talk about how you can use SocialSafe to look back over all your social network content, including old tweets, mentions, DMs and more, as well as jumping straight back to any given date – such as a birthday.

By backing up photos, updates, friends, connections and more into a searchable offline library, you can easily browse your online social history and quickly find a tweet made about a certain topic or on a particular date for example.

So whether you’re a business wanting to see how often you receive tweets about an individual product, or a private user wanting to view all of your exchanges with a certain user, SocialSafe affords you this functionality – and so much more – all within the privacy of your own PC or Mac. To try it for yourself download the free trial from our website.


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