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Facebook Adding Direct Replies And Threaded Comments For Pages

Facebook has started rolling out a new feature to Pages for businesses and brands, and for public Profiles with more than 10,000 followers. While not necessarily new to the web as a whole, replies and threaded comments are gradually being added as an opt-in feature, before becoming the norm for all Pages and 10,000 + follower Profiles in July.

Direct replies should make things an awful lot easier for businesses when it comes to managing interactions with users. When several users add comments to an update posted on a page it can quickly become a bit of a mess when someone else adds a comment or replies to a reply before the page admins have replied to the original comment. Before you know it you’re having to explain who the last comment was aimed at, and then it can easily spiral out of control… See, even trying to explain the problem was a bit of a hassle!

We’ve enabled this functionality on the SocialSafe Facebook page, so here’s how it looks:

Facebook Replies and threaded comments

By indenting replies to specific comments and creating threads, page admins and users are able to carry on a conversation that may still be read by and be of benefit to other users, but it’s just easier for all concerned to keep track of their own interactions. The other side to this is that the most commented-on or liked replies begin to climb to the top, making it easier to find the responses that garner the most social interaction.

What do you make of the new Facebook Pages features? Will you be enabling them on your Pages, or are you dreading the mandatory changeover in July? Leave a comment with your thoughts.


  1. my only comment is I can’t stand that messenger app that you make me download and then I had peoples face popping up on my phone you guys think that’s cool that’s not cool to take up more of my f****** room I think is a f****** bunch of bullshit I say take it off there

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