How To Rank Your Twitter Followers

We’ve just put together a very simple video that shows how you can use SocialSafe to create a full list of your Twitter followers, and rank them by how many followers they have.

As you can see, if you already use SocialSafe the whole thing can be done within a minute. If you’re not a user yet, then download the free trial of SocialSafe, and then all you need to do is back up your Twitter account and apply the basic filters as shown in the video.

You could also do this for the people who you follow, or you could change the query to search your followers‘ descriptions for a certain keyword or phrase. We’ll be producing more of these in due course, so if there is anything about SocialSafe you’d like to see demonstrated in a video then please let us know.

We hope you find this mini-tutorial useful, and if there is anyone who you think would benefit from hearing about this functionality, then please share this video with them!


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