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New Facebook News Feed – How To See Absolutely Everything

It seems that the new Facebook News Feed that is slowly but surely hitting accounts will give people the power to reclaim one of the most fiercely requested functions that has gradually been diluted over recent updates – the ability to see everything in your News Feed as it happens.

First announced in March, the new Facebook News Feed groups content together into categories, so you can view a feed that only contains music news for instance, or perhaps one solely devoted to photos. However, as clever as all of this is, it doesn’t stop people from getting pissed at the fact that Facebook repeatedly second guesses what it thinks people will want to see, and then hides things that they’ve made a conscious decision to add to their lives – for example adding someone as a friend or liking a page.

But fear not. One Mashable writer has been getting to grips with the new setup and she’s written about how while the new iteration allows for even finer granular filtering of content, it also allows you to zoom out and see everything in your News Feed. Absolutely everything.

Think of the right hand news ticker, but having the expanded version of that as your News Feed. It’ll essentially be the unadulterated News Feed of early Facebook, but with everyone’s public actions reported in real-time, so if a friend comments on a photo you posted a week ago, it will appear in your feed again.

There are a number of different ways that you can configure your News Feed if you have the update, but I don’t have it yet, so it would be wrong to try to educate from ignorance. Instead, you can read Amy-Mae Elliott‘s article on Mashable that details what you need to do.

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  1. About the time I get my newsfeed carefully configured, FB is going to change everything and force me to start over with less of this one and all of that one.

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