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SocialSafe v6.5 Now Released – Insights, Updated Account View & More…

We’ve finally done it! SocialSafe v6.5 was released yesterday and Insights is finally able to strut its stuff out in the wild! It’s been a very challenging week for our team of developers who have been putting in the hard hours to make sure SocialSafe was steered safely away from a Facebook API change shaped iceberg, as well as implementing all of the new and improved features. Let’s take a look at what’s in SocialSafe v6.5:

  • Insights – it’s still at beta, so please forgive us if you find the odd bug.  You can now easily see which is your most popular content or find out who you interact with most and you can even filter results by account or using different time periods.  You can also see on which days of the week you are most active.
  • Improvements to Search so that Search History is now displayed and Searches can now be saved
  • Updates to ‘Accounts’ view for easier navigation when adding a network & viewing your data
  • Backing up and display of Twitter Tweet/Mention/Favourite images
  • Improved Cancel Sync functionality so that syncs can now be cancelled safely and without any delay
  • Download improvements to reduce the Twitter enforced rate limit impact
  • Scheduled backup enhancement to help where a backup is missed
  • Fixes for a number of customer reported bugs & UI improvements

Here are a couple of screen shots showing you how the latest version looks:

SocialSafe v6.5 - new look 'Add Account' screen

As we’ve been saying for a while, this first round of Insights is just the start, and we’ve got plenty more planned for the future. While we’ve got our own ideas about what to include in subsequent releases, our development plan has always been user-driven to a certain extent, so if you have a light-bulb moment, then please by all means submit your suggestion to the team via the Feedback Forum.

On behalf of the other ‘non-techies’ here at SocialSafe, I think it’s appropriate to give a public pat on the back to our team of developers and testers, in particular Ben, Oli and George, who have all made this release possible in the face of some particularly challenging external factors – great work guys.

We’re already plotting for the next big thing, so stay tuned! If you have any questions or feed back from SocialSafe v6.5 then please get in touch via our Facebook page, on Twitter or send an email through the SocialSafe website.

From everyone here at SocialSafe, have great weekend!


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