Backupify recommends SocialSafe (6 month free licence offer)

Backupify is recommending SocialSafe to its customers after announcing that they are phasing out their consumer services for social media backup.

We’re super happy to be helping Backupify and are offering a special welcome bonus for all Backupify customers. Grab a special copy of SocialSafe today and get 6 months of social media backup absolutely free!

SocialSafe enables you to back up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other social network accounts straight to your computer.

You can also use SocialSafe’s RSS back up option to download your latest photos on Flickr and latest posts from WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and other blogging platforms.

SocialSafe isn’t just about backing up your social media though. Our mission is to help you maintain and enjoy the whole story of you. You can view all your photos from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and your blogs, complete with comments and likes. You can travel back through your online timeline and relive those special moments. You can even get interesting insights on your content and on your friends’ and fans’ interactions with you. And that’s just for starters!

A quick note on privacy as it’s very dear to our hearts. Everything is stored on your computer and as such is never seen or accessed by us. We believe you should own and control your online social life and having your own personal copy is the best way to achieve that.

Get in touch or leave a comment below if you have any questions.

To get your free 6 month licence you need to download SocialSafe from here.


  1. Well, of course they recommend SocialSafe. As a Social Media Person and as a Tech, I cannot image an applicable situation where a person wouldn’t recommend Social Safe. You folks have a great, great product. You folks listen to your customers and implement items to elevate their biggest concerns, and you do this while always having a smile and a nice word for your Social Media and Empire Avenue neighbors. I <3 Social Safe. 🙂

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