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Facebook Messages & Twitter Experience Downtime – How To Protect Your Content

In the last few days there have been reports of outages affecting Facebook Messages and Twitter. Both services seem to be running smoothly again now, but at the time when they were unavailable there must have been a large number of people who wondered what was going to happen to their data.

It’s easy for people to make jokes about soaring office productivity whenever a social network experiences downtime, but as more and more businesses utilise these sites for marketing and customer communication, being unable to access records of interactions – even temporarily – can be very problematic indeed.

The case for keeping a local copy of your social network data grows stronger with every further outage. So whether or not you need to access Twitter DMs in order to find a friend’s phone number, or whether you need to reference a customer enquiry that you received via your company’s Facebook Page, there’s every reason to back up your online content.

With SocialSafe you can ensure that any social network downtime doesn’t affect your ability to look back on your customer interactions. By creating an offline record of your content from different social networks that is also searchable, SocialSafe affords businesses not only peace of mind, but also allows them to get more out of their data than they can when it is all held on separate social networks.

Whether you’re an individual wanting to keep a log of your personal activities, or a company looking for a compliance and archiving tool for online customer engagement across social platforms, download the free trial of SocialSafe to start keeping this content secure on you own machine.