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Facebook’s Own Download No Longer Contains Wall Posts

Facebook’s own data download function is coming in for some criticism today, with reports emerging that Wall Posts are no longer part of the download package offered by the social network.

At this point it’s unclear whether this is simply due to a bug within Facebook’s account export mechanism or, down to the fact that Facebook is removing Wall Posts from users’ downloads on purpose. It’s most likely the former, or just a result of Facebook engineers tinkering with the internal workings of  the social network as they test new features and functionality.

We thought we’d try this for ourselves, and our man George can now confirm that there were no Wall Posts within the Facebook archive he’s just downloaded after requesting it earlier today.

It’s more than likely nothing more sinister than a bug, or perhaps the side effect of some other testing going on at Facebook HQ, and hopefully things will be back to normal soon enough. Having said that, if anyone out there wants to lay their hands on their Facebook content right now, SocialSafe gives you more control over your backups.

Wall Posts, Updates, Photos, Messages, Comments, Likes and much more can be downloaded to your own PC/Mac with no need to request the files from Facebook and wait for an email with a link to a .zip file. And with the improvements we’ve made to the Sync Scheduler, you can set SocialSafe to automatically back up new content at any time you choose, and as often as every hour.

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