Using Social Media To Breathe Life Into Fictional Characters

We’re all familiar with the concept of following sports people, musicians, political figures and the stars of film and TV on social networks. The 21st century has given us unbridled access to celebrities and people of note in a manner that makes us feel infinitely more connected to our living heroes than we would be say, only 10 years ago.

Looking at the number of followers celebrities accrue on Twitter, it’s little wonder that owners of famous fictitious characters have now started to utilise social networks to post updates from their creations, and allow fans to interact directly with their favourite protagonist/villain.

Croatian author Goran Racic has created an online persona for Thomas Loud, the hero in his latest novel, Loud Evolution. With the aid of Twitter, YouTube and Minecraft, Racic is involving readers on a multitude of levels that can’t be achieved with just a book alone, and will help to bridge the gap between subsequent novels in the Loud series.

Speaking to Mashable, the author explained his reasoning:

“The overall idea is to have a story that’s unfolding in real life… There’s so much technology available for storytelling. It just feels natural to combine everything… The Twitter feed isn’t a direct continuation of the novel, necessarily. It’s just a collection of [Loud]’s thoughts as he completes different missions and assignments.”

This seems like a great way to engage with readers, and there will be obvious marketing benefits to reap. As a big fan of film and literature, I think the idea of using social media to give audiences an interactive way to delve into a character’s innermost thoughts is a fantastic supplement to the craft laid out on the silver screen or page.