VIDEO – Automatic Backups Using The SocialSafe Scheduler

We recently made some improvements to the Scheduler within SocialSafe, which gives users greater control over how and when they use the app to download new content from their social network accounts.

By using the Scheduler, users can set SocialSafe to sync automatically at given times throughout the day or week. The app doesn’t even need to be open, and will run in the background, as not to disturb you. The Scheduler can be accessed via the Settings menu found in the bottom corner on SocialSafe, and is easy to set up. We made a short video showing you how this works:

[youtube align’center’]

The Scheduler offers a great deal of choice in terms of how often you’d like SocialSafe to automatically sync, with a time range between schedule syncs being anything from an hour to a week.

There are also plenty of options in between, as you’ll see in the video. The Daily setting allows you to set SocialSafe to run at up to five different times during the day, without having to set it to the Hourly setting. The Weekly setting also allows you to set SocialSafe to run as seldom as once a week, or up to five different times throughout the week.

This all runs in the background and should provide you all with enough flexibility to set your SocialSafe to sync at a time convenient to you, without you having to remember to open the app each time. Of course your machine will still need to be on and connected to the internet for SocialSafe to be able to download any new content from your networks.

You can also choose to be shown your most popular content after SocialSafe has finished a sync, and this simply takes you to the Insights part of the app, which you should already be familiar with.

If you have any questions about the Scheduler, please leave a comment below, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

About Andrew Robertson

I'm Andrew, I work as the Social Media & Marketing Assistant at SocialSafe. I've been writing blogs on here for over two years now, so you'll find pieces from me about anything relating to social media and tech, as well as the changing face of personal data. There's also room for the occasional post on some slightly off topics stories... just for the sake of variety!!

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