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Facebook Accidentally Locks Accounts For Developers – How To Make Sure You Can Access Your Content

Every now and then there are mistakes made that can affect online data storage or at least access to your data or networks where it is stored. Just yesterday Facebook issued an apology after it mistakenly disabled the apps and accounts of a number of platform developers for several hours on Tuesday.

Apparently the apps were deemed malicious by an automated procedure, but without proper verification. Explaining the mistake, Facebook said the following:

“On August 13th, we undertook such a procedure. We started with a broad pattern that correctly matched many thousands of malicious apps but, unfortunately, also matched many of your high quality apps.”

The problem was fixed, for the most part, in a couple of hours, however some apps were affected for several more hours. As they say, time is money, so you can understand the ire of the app developers worst affected by this error.

This is just another example of how, for the most part, people don’t actually own the content they have on their social network profiles. They may have created it, they may be the ones in the pictures, but ultimately as long as the data itself is only stored by the social networks, then the ownership and control will rest solely with the service provider.

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