Archive-It Offers Courses And Tools To Help US Students Archive Web Content

Anyone who knows anything about SocialSafe will understand how passionate we are about the idea of looking back at our own content and making sure that you always have a safe copy of what matters to you. So when we heard what Archive-It are doing to offer archiving courses and tools to students, we thought it was worth sharing with you all.

Archive-It is a web archiving service developed for organizations to capture, build, and manage collections of web content. Since 2007 they have been included in six different curricula for graduate level information programs in the US, and the Archive-It Partner Specialists offer students training and tools.

The aim is to show them how to archive content, but in a contextual manner which will actually have practical uses in relation to other course topics and to give students skills and tools that will help them as they move forward in their career paths. Institutions such as the University of Michigan School on Information have already used Archive-It as a focal point in their courses, with further partnerships to come with the University of North Carolina and the New York University.

Clearly we believe in the practice of backing up and archiving,  but unfortunately, the moment people realise that they need to back up their content is after they suffer a data loss, by which time it’s already too late. So we’re thrilled to see Archive-It taking proactive steps to instill this mentality to students in a practical way.


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