How To Embed Google+ Posts Into WordPress.com & Other New Features

Google+ has rolled out a new feature that makes it possible for bloggers and content creators to embed Google+ posts on other sites. The functionality had previously been tested on a number of accounts from select publications – National Geographic, Sports Illustrated etc – but yesterday it became available to all users.

Embedding a Google+ post on your website is fairly straightforward – simply click the ‘Embed Post’ button from the drop-down menu on an individual post to obtain the necessary code. Embedding a Googe+ post on WordPress.com is slightly different, but is easily done.

When you are presented with the embed code, only copy from the post link itself – eg https://plus.google.com/104580270311111171846/posts/SEzDPDsqonF. Then simply paste the link into your writing pane, adding the following prefix and brackets:

embedding google+ posts on wordpress

Your selected Google+ post, along with the option to +1 the post and leave a Comment, will appear as such:


Speaking about the new feature, Seth Sternberg – Director of Google+ Platform – said “We want to make it easy to expand your audience across the web”. In a blog post on the topic, the social network also revealed another the feature – Author Attribution – which will allow articles you publish to be associated with your Google+ profile automatically.

For more information about these new features, check out the Google+ Developers Blog.


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