How To Enable Password Protection In SocialSafe – VIDEO GUIDE

At SocialSafe we understand that privacy is a very important issue for a lot of people, and we take yours very seriously. This is why we never see nor store any data that you choose to back up from your social networks. We also recognise the fact that a number of you may be using SocialSafe on machines with shared access – such as a family computer – so a while ago we added password protection for your SocialSafe journal.

Enabling password protection within SocialSafe is very easy, and we’ve put together a simple video showing you how to do this:


As you’ll see, all you need to do is click on ‘Edit Password’ from the menu in the bottom left of the app, and from there you can choose your password. You are also able to set your SocialSafe journal to lock after a period of inactivity (you can choose the length of time), and there is also the option to set your journal to lock when your machine is sleeping.

If you needed to lock your journal immediately, but leave your workstation open for someone else – allowing a housemate or a friend to borrow your laptop to do some work for example – then you can click on ‘Lock Now’ from the menu:

password protection
Lock your journal manually from the menu

As with every password,  it is good practice to make it something memorable to yourself, but not obvious to other people. A combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters and other characters is recommended to make your password as strong as possible.