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SocialSafe v6.5.9 Released – Improvements To Search & UI, Additional Language Support + More

Yesterday we released SocialSafe v6.5.9 which includes some aesthetic changes as well as mechanical tweaks. The first thing you’ll notice is that we’ve tidied up the top bar and the spinal icons.

This will improve navigation around the app, and by removing the Calendar view from the left hand side and incorporating it into the top bar, you can now set date ranges easily, whether you’re in the Journal, Photos and Insights views.

search and filter across all your social network content

Search has also moved to the top bar, and this now allows for a more powerful search experience. By seconding the calendar functionality to the top bar along with Search, you can now make your searches date specific, and furthermore, we’ve made it possible to search again within your original search results, giving you added precision and granularity. As with previous versions, you can also choose which type(s) of content from which network(s) you’d like to apply your search terms to.

The date and network filtering can also be applied when in the Journal or Photo views, and while using the Insights feature. You’ll noticed that the Journal view also contains a Sort button, which allows you to switch between chronological and reverse chronological order when viewing your chosen content.

change app colours

We’ve also made some subtle changes to the Historic Data popup, and for those of you who are paid users, we’ve added some colour themes within the app for you to pick and choose from.

Buongiorno… Sprechen Sie Englisch? Não falo inglês… Está bien!

Why is this OK? Because SocialSafe v6.5.9 sees the addition of support for German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages to the existing French and English options!

We’ve still got plenty more up our sleeve in terms of features and functionality, so if your favourite wishlist item didn’t make it into SocialSafe this time around, fear not – we’re working hard on the next release as we speak!

Thank you, as ever, for all your support and suggestions – it really makes a difference to us knowing how much you care about where we take SocialSafe in the future.

– the SocialSafe team

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