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Can’t Post To Facebook? What If You Couldn’t See Anything Either?

Some people will have sat down at their computers, or unlocked their smartphones today, only to find that they can’t post to Facebook. The bug also meant that some users were unable to post comments, send messages, post photos or even Like content from over users or pages.

Those affected by the glitch were still able to use Facebook to view content, so it wasn’t a complete meltdown for everyone concerned. However, it just goes to show that websites do experience occasional period of downtime, and when handling the sheer volumes of data involved with keeping something such as Facebook up and running 24/7, there will be inevitable problems.

Social networks are increasingly being used more and more for business purposes, and for many small to medium operations, something as simple as a Facebook page performs a number of functions and holds a wealth of customer information for the page owner. If, as we have seen previously, the social networks experience problems or renders data inaccessible – even if only temporarily – this can have a big impact on businesses.

One way to minimise the effect any social network outages may have on your business is to make sure that you own a local copy of your data that you can access at any time. There are plenty of options out there that offer a social media backup service, but unless you store the data yourself, you can never guarantee that you will be able to lay your hands on it when you might need it the most.

SocialSafe is the only social content organiser that puts you in control of your data by storing it all on your own machine. Not only do you have peace of mind by way of a safe copy of your data, but you can do more with your content thanks to the built-in Insights functions, as well as the intelligent search and calendar features.

To start safeguarding your social data now, download the SocialSafe free trial and bring the content that matters to you to your very own desktop.