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Backupify Exclusively Recommends SocialSafe To Look After Its Customers

Backupify users will have this week received an email notifying them that backup for personal Facebook accounts was being discontinued. Not the greatest of news if you are a Backupify customer, but every cloud has a silver (or in this case, green!) lining…

SaaS backup and B2B cloud-to-cloud backup have naturally grown to account for as much as 90% of Backupify’s revenues, and quite sensibly they have decided to make this their priority. But Instead of dragging personal social backup along for the ride and not giving that product the attention it deserves, Backupify did the decent thing and decided to phase out that product offering.

As any company with a conscience should do, they also thought about their customers first, and made efforts to make sure that there was a viable alternative for them to switch to when the time had come to call it a day with their personal offering. SocialSafe is that green lining, and Backupify came to us a while ago to make sure that we were the right fit for their customers.

We’re immensely proud that Backupify recommended SocialSafe to their customers when they emailed them earlier this week, and we also managed to arrange a special offer for migrating customers. So if you’re currently a Backupify user, take another look at the email and follow the link to take advantage of this.

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There are a fair few services out there that claim to offer a great backup solution, but to be the only one recommended by Backupify only strengthens our belief in what we do and how we do it.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rob May, Sheila Lahar and everyone else at both Backupify and SocialSafe who have worked hard on this over the last few months to make sure that you – the users – aren’t left high and dry. We’d also like to wish  Backupify the best of luck as they focus all their attention on their Enterprise solutions – we’re sure you’ll knock it out of the park 😉