Everpix Closes Down – How To Keep Seeing Flashbacks

Cloud based photo organising service Everpix has sadly informed its customers that it will be shutting down. In a statement on the company’s website, funding issues were cited as being the primary reason for closure, with insufficient financial resources available to properly scale the business. Unfortunately for any business offering customers cloud storage with additional functionality, this can be a risk.

Judging purely by the volume and tone of tweets we’ve seen today about Everpix, it’s fair to say that it was a service much-loved by its users, and one that they are very sad to see go. In terms of the close-down procedure, Everpix has switched to read-only mode with immediate effect, and will be emailing users in due course to explain the refund and export procedure.

You may recall that MySpace recently announced that a large chunk of its original users’ content – including their old blog posts – would be deleted, and there was nothing that anyone could do to retrieve content posted online. There’s nothing worse than being kept away from something that’s rightfully yours, so we’re pleased to see that Everpix have taken their users’ data seriously and making sure that everyone is able to export it before the service is formally dismantled.

From looking at some of the tweets today it’s clear that one of the things people miss the most about Everpix is the Flashback feature. While we’re not exactly in the same business, SocialSafe and Everpix do share some commonality, and we too believe that there is value and pleasure to be derived from looking back at your online stories and content.

SocialSafe users will be familiar without our own historic data pop-up, and we’d heartily recommend it anyone who loved the Everpix Flashback feature. We chose to make SocialSafe a local backup application, so the problems associated with cloud storage companies such as the one encountered by Everpix will never be an issue for our users.

That said, we wish all those at Everpix the best of luck in whatever they end up doing next, and once again we applaud them for making sure that their users are able to take control on their data after the service holding it is gone.