SocialSafe Features Update: Back Up Facebook Page Messages

Something that we know a lot of you have been wanting to do within SocialSafe for quite a while is back up Facebook Page Messages. With our latest release, SocialSafe v6.6, we’ve included a lot of new features such as Collections, Instagram Insights and PDF Export, but we also made the time to give you the ability to back up Facebook Page Messages.

Enabling this functionality is very straightforward, here’s what you need to do…

Within the Accounts View of your SocialSafe, click on the Settings cog for your Facebook Page, and simply tick the box that says ‘Messages’. The next time you sync your account you will back up your Facebook Page Messages.

SocialSafe now saves Facebook Page Messages

Once backed up, your Facebook Page Messages will appear in the Journal view and can be searched, exported etc and interacted with in the same way as the other items you have backed up within SocialSafe.

Keeping a record of Facebook Page Messages is an important thing for businesses to do. Conversations between brands and their customers occurring on social networks are increasingly being treated the same as emails, phone calls and physical letters when it comes to compliance and record keeping, so your business could be required by law to have a copy stored offline. With SocialSafe this is now possible thanks to the backup of Facebook Page Messages, and the PDF export makes finding and producing any exchanges the simplest of tasks.

To start backing up your social network accounts now, try SocialSafe for free.


  1. Your UI is not newbie-friendly and you talk as if I was born with Social Safe in my hands. Learn how to write documentation and help files or you are going broke.

    Definitely NOT with $5.99 a year or even once.

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