SocialSafe Features Update: Collections

One of the problems we all face is that our content is strewn across different networks. Obviously with SocialSafe that content is already aggregated within the app, but we realise that there are lots of situations in which you might want to group certain items from across your networks that share a common theme into one place where there can easily be viewed. So we made it possible for you to create Collections.

Say you wanted to pick out all of the items in your journal about your baby – the first tweet saying that you were expecting, Facebook posts with sonograms, messages and wall posts from friends offering their love and congratulations, right through to Instagrams of the child’s first birthday party. Simply browse or search through your SocialSafe organiser for the content you’d like to add to a Collection, and use the Export button to enable content selection:

Adding to your SocialSafe Collections

Click on the items you’d like to include, then simply click on the Collections icon on the left hand side of the top bar to add the items to an existing Collection or to create a new one. You can also add items en masse – everything within a date range for example – by clicking on the tick on the right side of the top bar to select all the items in a view. Your Collections can be accessed from the side bar, and you can also edit the contents by clicking on the Export icon and selecting content for removal.

Keep your social media organised with SocialSafe Collections

You could create a Collection for anything that matters in your life, from all the content about your first child, to grouping your all your company’s posts and customer conversations about a certain line of products that you promote on social media channels. From the individual to the business user, we’re sure that Collections will allow you to do so much more with you content.

What will you use Collections for? Let us know if you have any great ideas by leaving a comment below. To find out more about the other changes we’ve made, check out the blog detailing SocialSafe v6.6.