SocialSafe Features Update: Instagram Filters Insights

With the Insights feature found in previous versions of SocialSafe, you were able to see which of your photos was the most popular in terms of likes and comments from your friends and followers. With the new Instagram Insights included in SocialSafe v6.6 we’ve given you a whole new way to see how your images perform.

‘Most Used’ shows you which Instagram filter that you’ve use the most, and gives you the sum total of likes and comments received on photos with that filter applied. ‘Best Performing’ tells you which filters of all that you have used is the most popular, and this is decided by the total number of likes and comments.

See what Instagram filters you use with SocialSafe

Continuing on, the Filter Usage shows you the split between how many times you’ve used different Instagram filters, and gives this to you in both a pie chart and a ranked list. Beneath that you’ll see the Most Popular For Each Filter, which displays the image with the most combined comments and likes for each of the filters you’ve used.

Find out what your most popular Instagram filter is with SocialSafe

With the other Insights modules contained within previous versions of the app you can set a date range to your data, and this also applies to Instagram Filters Insights. You could look at which filters you use at certain times of the year, or see if your photos are getting more or less likes and comments each month!

We hope that you like the first phase of our Instagram specific Insights, and we’d love to hear your feedback as we continue the work on this part of SocialSafe. You can currently find us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Google+, or just leave a comment below. We look forward to hearing from you!


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