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Going Beyond Twitter Timelines – Curate Your Content From Across Your Networks

Here at SocialSafe we’re all about getting ‘the whole story’. Anyone who has used our social media organiser app will understand how useful it is being able to view and search all of your content from different networks.

This month Twitter announced a new tool called ‘Twitter Timelines’ which allows users to curate a stream of tweets from different threads and hashtags into one feed that can be embedded. The previous alternative of embedding a live stream/hashtag to a website was useful to a point, but always left you vulnerable to erroneous or inappropriate content finding its way into that stream – after all, anyone is free to mention a brand in a tweet or to use a hashtag.

By enabling the creation of a custom, configurable stream of tweets, Twitter Timelines allows users to separate the wheat from the chaff and curate relevant content into coherent threads. The drag and drop architecture of how to make a Twitter Timeline lets content curators dictate the order of tweets, bring in tweets from different conversations and hashtags, and also edit the aesthetic appearance.

We love the idea of cherry-picking relevant tweets and putting them together with other content, and we took this a step further with SocialSafe. One of our most recent features – Collections – allows you to add content items from across your social networks into a collection on your own machine.

Adding to your SocialSafe Collections

Your online social life is made up of wall posts, updates, tweets, photos, contacts, followers, comments, messages, likes and so much more… Some of that content works together, some doesn’t. But being able to create a cross-network Collection of content related to one particular story or theme is just one of the ways in which SocialSafe allows you to do more with your data.