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GUEST BLOG: Social Media and Crime – by Sandra Mills

The following post is a guest blog from Sandra Mills, a freelance write based in Los Angeles. Below, she uses some statistics compiled from sources such as Forbes.com to warn of the dangers surrounding over-sharing on social networks, and what the real-life implications might be if the wrong people are watching.

Social Media and Crime

by Sandra Mills

Social networking might be the way to easily share tidbits of information about your life to the many people in it, but you might be sharing more than you think. Of course you are proud of everything you have accomplished. Great house, nice car and top it all off with a well-deserved vacation. But while you are sharing what you have done there is bound to be a person or two who want what you have without doing all the work. So they take what information you share about your wonderful life and start making plans to “share” it all.

Your innocent post about moving into your home gives someone the details about where it is. And of course you have your work information on several sites so they can figure out your hours. Better yet, they now may know if you take regular business trips or they are counting down the days to your much needed vacation along with you. While you are lounging on the beach the potential for a devastating break-in could be in progress.

The next time you post or add information to social media sites, consider your privacy settings and make sure that they are updated regularly. If you decide to keep your post public, consider how much information you are revealing before you hit post. Your close friends and family just might not be the only people who care what you are doing these days.

The following infographic was brought to you by instantcheckmate.com.

social media crime stats

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    Social Media is changing the way crime is done. Be aware of the connection. Keep yourself save and secure by knowing the odds and the methods, which are constantly evolving. Since the big fat Target at Christmas event we need to evaluate how and when we do anything on line.

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