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If You Liked Facebook’s ‘Look Back’ Feature, You’ll Love SocialSafe Insights

Today Facebook is celebrating its 10th birthday (wow, doesn’t time fly?!), and many users will have seen ‘A Look Back’, which is a short video displaying some of the highlights from your time on Facebook. It’s pretty cool, showing you when you first joined (along with your first profile picture), some of your earlier photos and posts, as well as a couple of your updates that have received the most likes.

It’s a nice trip down memory lane, but surely the last seven years of my Facebook activity can’t be done justice in one minute seven seconds? And what of the supplementary content? Who were the 30 people who liked that picture Facebook showed me a glimpse of in the video? What were all those comments on that particular update that made it stick out from the thousands of others over the years?

If Facebook’s Look Back feature has today stirred in you a nostalgic inclination to relive some of your social media highlights, then the Insights within SocialSafe will allow you to really roll your sleeves up and delve deep into your historic content. Among other things, you can see your Most Popular Photos and Most Popular Updates, as well as expanding the view to see the comments and people who liked your items:

View your most popular photos with SocialSafe Insights Use SocialSafe Insights to see your most popular updates

You can look at the highlights from your entire history, use the preset time periods within the calendar or simply set your own date range to discover which photos and posts were the most popular for each given period. Not only that, but you can also view Insights across all of the network accounts you have backed up within SocialSafe, or selectively choose which accounts or networks to consider for Insights each time you want to use it.

If you want to see what memories are lurking beneath the surface of your social media profiles, then download SocialSafe for free and look at Insights once you have backed up your content. (A quick word on privacy for any new/potential users – anything you choose to back up with SocialSafe is stored on your own machine, and you are the sole owner and keeper of that data – we never see nor store any of your content).

So happy birthday again to Facebook, and we hope that you all enjoy looking back on your content as much as you’ve enjoyed creating it!