SocialSafe Video Guide – How To Export Raw Data & Images

We recently added another video to our collection of features guides, which walks you through how to export raw data and images from SocialSafe. You can watch the video below and find more on the SocialSafe YouTube Channel.

We moved a couple of things around within the app recently, so this video should hopefully have brought you up to speed if you weren’t already. As you’ll have seen, to mark items for export you’ll first need to enable content selection, and this is done by clicking the ‘Do More’ button in the top right corner of the app when in the Journal, Accounts or Photo view.

You can then select items for Export, and by clicking on the Folder icon on the left hand side of the top bar, you are then able to select a destination on your machine to export the content to.  Text based items such as tweets, updates, friends list etc will be exported in CSV format, whereas photos will be sent to a .zip folder.

You’ll also notice that there is another button on the top bar, which allows you to export your content to PDF, and one that allows you to add items to Collections. A video guide for creating PDFs will be up later this week, but you can find out more about Collections and watch the tutorial video from our previous blog entry: SocialSafe Feature Guide: Creating and Editing ‘Collections’.


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