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Facebook Charts Your Relationships Via Timeline Posts

The way people interact on Facebook with would-be romantic interests that eventually turn into partners has a demonstrable pattern, according to a new study by the social network. Facebook’s team of data scientists posted a blog last week showing the number of Timeline posts between couples during the 100 days before, and the 100 days after they changed their relationship status on Facebook. There is clearly a trend:

The Formation Of Love - Facebook Blog

It’s worth pointing out that the ‘Day 0’ on the graph is the date that the couples retrospectively put as their anniversary, not the date they changed their relationship statuses. While the obvious conclusion to draw from the graph might be that as soon as you admit that you actually enter into a relationship then the magic starts to wane, further studies showed that while the frequency of Timeline posts declines, the expression of positive emotions in those posts increases. There is an illustration of this second finding, along with more information about the study of Facebook’s blog: ‘The Formation of Love‘.

This is all well and good for public posts to each other’s timelines, but as everyone knows, there is more to Facebook than just posting on someone’s timeline. You send personal messages, tag them in your photos, they leave comments, like your updates etc etc. Do you ever wonder what the first Facebook interaction you had with your partner was?

Facebook is pretty much a canvas onto which we paint our lives, and also our relationships. With SocialSafe, not only are you able to keep these memories safe in your own personal data store, but you can search your entire library as well as creating Collections of your content. If you wanted to surprise your partner, you could create a PDF of your Facebook Message history, or print off all of the photos you’re both in, along with all the comments and likes.

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