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Today Is World Backup Day – Do You Have A Plan For Your Social Content?

Some of you may be aware that today is World Backup Day, and anyone who knows anything about SocialSafe will be fully aware that we are all about backing up content!

People often back up their own machines to an external drive, but what about the content you don’t currently hold yourself? It’s easy to be conscientious when you are the one holding the data, but it’s easy to overlook the things that you take for granted as being safe just because someone else is holding them. The classic example of this is the content from your social networks.

You might be the one who creates the content, but it’s all held by third-parties, so you don’t really have a say in how it’s stored and if they back it up. Unless you take control of your data and download it for yourself…

Your social network content needn’t remain solely online as a sitting duck just waiting to be attacked by any of the multitude of hackers who attempt to compromise social networks with irritating regularity. There are legitimate ways to download your Instagram photos, your Facebook content, your tweets, and a wealth of the other content you create on a daily basis.

SocialSafe is the social media backup tool for anyone that cares about the memories they create and post online, and for anyone that recognises the value in having their own copy of their personal data. To create your own personal backup of your social media content, download SocialSafe now for free, and begin filling your library of you.

World Backup Day comes around but once a year, and the folks at WBD are encouraging people to back up their content today, on March 31st 2014. However, we’d suggest you make a habit of backing up more regularly than once a year!